국가안보의 이론과 실제 (National Security: Theory and Practice), with S. Lee & Y. Kim. Seoul: Orum, 2013. [in Korean].
Refereed Journal Articles
  “반접근/영역거부 전략을 위한 중국의 항공력 이용과 그 해양전략적 함의 (The PLA’s Use of Aerospace Power for Anti-Access/Area Denial Strategy and Its Implications),” Strategy 21 14, no. 2 (2011). [in Korean]

  “탈냉전기 중국의 대북정책 (China’s North Korea Policy in the Post-Cold War Era),” Air Force Academy Review no. 2, (2011). [in Korean]

Manuscript in Submission

  “Unforced Concession: The Unexpected Origins of the US Bilateral Alliance System in the Asia-Pacific.” (Revise & Resubmit)

  - Selected for the Qualitative Data Repository's Annotation for Transparent Inquiry (ATI) Challenge Pilot Working Group

Manuscripts in Preparation

  “Kim’s Bomb: Deciphering North Korea’s Nuclear Strategy.”

  “China’s Economic Coercion Tactics” (with Audrye Wong).

Policy Analysis

  “Back to Normal? The End of the THAAD Dispute between China and South Korea,” China Brief 17, no. 15 (November 2017).

  “China and the Korean Peninsula: Kim Holds the Cards Now,” East Asia Forum (May 30, 2018).

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